Dear KMS Families, Friends, and Alumni,


This is a milestone year for KMS as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary! We have so much to be proud of and journeys yet to discover. When we opened 50 years ago we were located in downtown Kenosha and served preschool children. After about 20 years we moved into St. Joseph High School (now the Upper Campus of SJCA-our current location). At that time we also started the expansion of the preschool to our Kindergarten program and Upper Level, serving children ages 3-12 (preschool-6th grade).


The last two years we have seen a tremendous amount of growth that resulted from the foundations built over the past 50 years and responsible fiscal practices. The Board approved the formation of our first PTO, added a second preschool classroom and expanded to 8th grade. We are opening our 2017-2018 school year with the largest enrollment we have had, almost 135 students and our first 7th grade class.


We are looking forward to a new school year full of fun, excitement, and learning.  Help us celebrate all that we have accomplished and kick-off the next 50 years of KMS.




KMS Board of Directors 

Heather Connolly, president

Sergio Correa, vice-president

Melissa Thomas, secretary

Catherine McConnell, treasurer

Sarah Gomez-Atilano, member

Kendra Zannini, member

Contact Us 

2401  69th Street

Kenosha, Wisconsin 53143

2nd Floor of St. Joseph Academy

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