Guidelines for School Snacks & Lunches

Montessori education is a holistic approach that nurtures the mind and body of the growing child.  The school snack program focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed foods.  Choices are always available for students with dietary restrictions.  There is a $25 fee per semester per child for our snack program.  Snack is offered on a daily basis in all classrooms and after school.  


Primary students who stay for lunch should pack a healthy lunch with an ice pack, silverware, napkin, and water bottle or low-sugar beverage.  Hot foods should be stored in a thermos.  Primary students do not have access to a microwave.  

Elementary students should bring a water bottle for daily use in the classroom and bring it home every day for cleaning. Students can microwave their lunch (3 minute maximum) or pack hot foods in a thermos.  There is a limited amount of refrigerator space for storing cold foods so most of the students put ice packs in their lunchboxes.  Students should bring their own silverware and napkins but we do have those items on hand along with a supply of ketchup and mustard.  

Have a picky eater?  Here are some tips.
Would you like to get your children involved in preparing meals?  Here are some ideas.

Healthy habits are established at a young age and packing a nutritious lunch is one way you can teach your child how to make good choices.  Here are some tips:


  • Children tend to prefer a variety of small servings. Bento box style lunch containers or small mason jars are appealing to them and are available in many different styles online and at the container section of the grocery store.  


  • Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar.  Add some cut up fruit to a water bottle as an alternative to high-sugar drinks.  There are water bottles on the market that have fruit infusers.  

  • Plan and pack lunches with your child.  It is a good way to include practical life skills at home.  If your child packs his or her own lunch, please check it to make sure that it is nutritious and well-balanced.  


  • Keep a few premade lunches in the freezer for times when you are short on time or running low on groceries.  


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